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Hemofilian geenihoito

Miten hemofilian geenihoito toimii? Tässä videossa kerromme, miten se tapahtuu. 

Pituus   2:40

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Verenvuototauti naisilla

Pituus   3:52

Kielet   Ruotsi

Alateksti   Ruotsi, Englanti

Slik er det å leve med VWS/Millaista on elää VWS: n kanssa

Katso kertomus, jossa potilas kuvailee, millaista on sairastaa von Willebrandin tautia kasvuiässä ja millaista elämä sairauden kanssa on aikuisena.

Pituus   5:30

Kielet   Norja

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Alfa-1 trypsiinin puutos

A1rtime video #3 "When should you test for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency?"

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is often overlooked and it is estimated that only 10 % of all Danes with the disease have been diagnosed. Why is this happening?

Pituus   23:47

Kielet   Tanska

Alateksti   Englanti

A1Rtime video #2 "The physically active non-smoker can also have an Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency"

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is often confused with asthma, especially in patients who are physically active non-smokers. Even specialists in lung disease stick to the wrong diagnosis and fail to take the necessary blood test.

Pituus   21:35

Kielet   Tanska

Alateksti   Englanti

A1rtime video #1 "Are you ill or just a carrier of Alpha-1?"

Dr Helene Møller. What is the difference between suffering from Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and being an asymptomatic carrier of the disease?

Pituus   23:56

Kielet   Tanska

Alateksti   Englanti

A1rtime podcast #5 "Karen from Norway went to Germany and was given 10 extra years"

Where you live can determine whether you can receive treatment for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency or not. When Torbjørn and Karen met, doctors in Norway had told her she only had one more year to live. Without even having a diagnosis for her.

Pituus   28.48

Kielet   Norjalainen

A1rtime podcast #4 "Bounced between different hospitals"

It has been nine months since Dannie saw his doctor to be assessed for treatment. Even though he meets all the criteria, he still doesn't know when he can start receiving the weekly infusions that will help prevent the symptoms of his disease getting worse.

Pituus   22:08

Kielet   Tanska

A1rtime podcast #3 "Early diagnosis offers better treatment options"

Lise lived without a correct diagnosis for years and was past 40 before she was diagnosed with Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Pituus   26.21

Kielet   Tanska

A1rtime podcast #2"The complete fascination of a protein"

Eeva Piitulainen has been fascinated by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and found it remarkable that no pulmonologist was conducting research on the subject.

Pituus   36.55

Kielet   Tanska

A1rtime podcast #1 "The long road to diagnosis"

Gunhil knew that something was not right. She was 18 years old and short of breath. When it was at its worst, her lung capacity was down to 20 percent. 

Pituus   28.54

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Miten Mix2Vialia® käytetään

Pituus   6:10

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CSL Behring

Committment is in our blood

CSL Behring Norden on sitoutunut auttamaan potilaita, joilla on eri terapia-alueisiin kuuluvia harvinaisia sairauksia.

Pituus   1:39:00

Kielet   Englanti

Emil Von Behring - Winner of the First Nobel Prize in Medicine

Emil von Behring, the founder of CSL Behring, was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1901 and helped prevent the deaths of thousands of children by protecting them from diphtheria, a killer bacterial infection.

Pituus   1:59

Kielet   Englanti

Kaikki alkoi lupauksesta. CSL perustettiin yli 100 vuotta sitten pelastamaan ihmishenkiä uusimman teknologian avulla. Kuluneiden sadan vuoden aikana CSL Behringistä on kehittynyt maailmanlaajuinen bioteknologia-alan johtava yhtiö, ja sen toiminnan perustana on sama lupaus ihmisten elämän pelastamisesta ja parantamisesta.

Pituus   3:54

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